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Mammoth Port---A Time of Chaos' Journal
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Below are the 7 most recent journal entries recorded in Mammoth Port---A Time of Chaos' LiveJournal:

Monday, November 1st, 2004
5:52 pm
The old man, sage and alchemist that he was looked into his cauldron and saw the future. He saw that there was no-one there to save the city. He was the only one who could do anything and he was already an old and frail man. The king would return one day but until then he really couldn't be arsed to hang around to find out what might happen. So he took his sickle and sliced across his wrists the crimson blood poured into his cauldron and he felt his lifeforce drain away. He was going to join the King in the afterlife.
Friday, October 8th, 2004
10:37 am
As the door to the shack opened the sage turned and saw a small child who turned and said.

The enchanter wishes to speak with you.

So the sage looked and picked up his bag. He had been expecting this moment to happen from the moment the enchanter entered the city. He put the bag over his shoulder and took up his staff and began the long walk to the enchanters palace.

As he arrived at the door a feeling of dread overcame him.

He knew that the enchanter would want to speak with him, he also knew that the enchanter would not like the things he had to say but still.

So he entered the palace and walked into the throne room, then he looked at the enchanter who said...
Monday, October 4th, 2004
12:57 am
The Meeting
The Meeting
Beverly entered the house of her friends, Mr. and Mrs. Mikido, who hosted the weekly meetings of those who believed in the King and His Return. She closed the door, walked through the hall, and upon seeing the room she smiled--here were her real friend, the friends whom she loved so much. She knew that there was something different in those who waited with hope in the King. Those who had no hope in the King either lived lives full of fear or were (even worse) loyal to the Enchanter.

The group met together once a week, but usually met in smaller groups or one-on-one many times a week. They knew that if they were caught and found out as loyalists to the King, they would most likley be killed.

Beverly thought about this group, and how it was created. She remembered that she met the group with her mother, who also believed in the King. She was almost kicked out, however, when she married a man who worked for the Enchanter, but eventually she proved that she could be trusted.

Beverly hated being so distant from her husband, who used to be a believer but lost his hope. She knew that he knew about the groups, but she knew that he didn't know that she knew he knew. It was hard to explain to people:)

Beverly sat with the group, anxiously awaiting the meeting's beginning...
Friday, October 1st, 2004
11:57 am
The apothecary sits.
As dusk fell on the city of mammoth port an old man sat stirring a pot. The light from the fire beneath was burning and illuminating his face with an eerie glow.
Immanuel the local apothecary and general sage/wiseman works in his home on a new potion.
The old man turns and grabs a small pot from the wall and throws just a small pinch of the black powder into the pot. There is a bang and a huge cloud of smoke rises into the air. Clearly this potion is going to be more complicated that I first thought mutters Immanuel under his breath them he carefully pours the liquid into a small bottle and sits in his favourite comfy* chair and eyes the liquid with some air of suspicion.

Then he looks over to the door and sees that someone is entering through it...

*Well comfy is something of a misnomer as it was comfy once upon a time but it is now just a big ball of stuffing and springs barely covered by some threadbare material.
Tuesday, September 28th, 2004
4:39 pm
4:32 pm
Waking up one evening at dusk, the people of Mammoth Port found yet another declaration, from the Enchanter, posted around the city. The declarations always were blue with white writing, an eerie contrast with the constantly red and orange, cloudy sky. It read as follows:

Attention Citizens of Mammoth Port:

With the changes in lifestyles happening in the city, such as the switch for all commercial and social activity to be done at night and night only, the Enchanter wants to make it clear that any delinquents who think it an opportunity to be out during the day performing destructive tasks (such as stealing or defacing the Enchanter's property) will be thrown into jail. The day curfew is strictly enforced, and anyone seen walking the streets at night will be punished.

Again, all citizens are reminded that contact with orphans is prohibited, and that it is a citizen's duty to report an Sighting. Anyone found hiding an orphan will be killed.
12:03 am
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